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Autumn – Winter 2015


Thursday 3rd September 2015


Visit to Marcassie Farm Rafford


business & afternoon tea in Forres

They make baskets & eco coffins & wool and do spinning etc

Super visit, saw them making baskets and coffins, fascinating! beautiful baskets made from willow and hedgerow plants, then delicious scones and tea while we did the necesary business in Chimes cafe in Forres.




Wednesday 7th October 2015  

Meet at Mosstodloch Filling Station 10.30

Visit to Macduff Aquarium and lunch at Spotty Bag Shop [with vouchers]

another excellent meeting, numbers slightly low due to unforseen cuircumstances. The aquarium was fascinating and we all learned a lot and saw all manner of fish and sea creatures - not the octopus it was sitting on eggs!!!, Lunch at the Spotty bag Shop went well and we all got home in good time.




Wednesday 4th November 2015—66th Birthday


Meet at Jean’s house where she will demo Fimo Beadmaking and let us have a shottie

Comps. FOM & vegetable animal

Teas;- bring items suitable for Fed Show old

fashioned birthday party — sweet / savoury/ drink/ sweets

Jean did us proud with her demo and we all had a chance to try our beadmaking and the results were cooked in Jeans oven.  great fun for all and interesting too.


Federation AGM Forres 28 Nov


Thursday 10th December 2015

Pantomime at Eden Court preceded by lunch

Bus pass/lunch/taxi/panto/taxi/bus pass

Super panto, well worth seeing, excellent lunch and the bus trips went smoothly and comfortably as did the 2 short taxi trips from the restaurant to the theatre and back to the bus station.  We have booked for next year's panto!


Spring—Summer 2016


Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Venue TBC.  Watching the DVD of Urquhart’s

appearances on Top Club in 1992

Comp FOM; amusing  old photo

Teas—items from the show schedule

Our meeting was held early, on 27th Jan so we could all be there.  We have decided to continue as Urquhart Rural, whether SWI like it or not.  Our video raised loads of laughs, the adverts were priceless with weird fashions, it was fun to see our team 24 years later.  Lovely tea as usual.


Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Visit to CLAN [cancer advice and support centre] Shop in Elgin followed by afternoon tea. 

An excellent meeting where we saw all the services and support for cancer sufferers and their families in the Elgin area.  Anne is in hospital and could n't come with us.  We then overindulged  at Scribbles where we also did the business of the meeting - tthey had a nice big table for us to sit round, and the restaurant was fairly quiet so we didn't disturb too many customers. thanks to Phyllis for making the arrangements with scribbles and to Sheila for arranging the Clan visit.


Quiz 21st March 2016 arrangements tbc



Wednesday 6th April 2016

Crafts with Marian Stringer [ she won loads of prizes in different crafts at RHS 2015]

Comps:-   F.O.M., craft item

Venue To Be Arranged


Thursday 4th May 2016

Visit to Logie Steading and the Gardens and craft shops and lunch there too

see the felting designs and also the pottery and the  paper cutting at hellygogs


Wednesday 1st June 2016

Business Meeting

Award of Prizes and Trophy

Time & venue to be arranged

4th June Federation Show







Autumn – Winter 2014

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Morning visit to the Kilt School at Keith followed by lunch—meet at Mosstodloch at 10.30am

Excellent informative visit followed by lunch at Boogie Woogie a very good start to the session

Wednesday 1st October 2014 

Meet at Helen’s house, 2.15pm, Mrs Campbell, Herbalist

Comp: open sandwich using herbs, F.O.M.

We are all going to be eating parsley, drinking lemon balm tea and doing all sorts of things with nettles!

Wednesday 5th November 2013—65th Birthday

Mary ’s house, Christmas flower Ideas—

Comps:-   F.O.M., and a buttonhole arrangement

Excellent Christmas Floral Arrangement demo by Morag Anderson, followed by a lovely tea with our birthday cake made and decorated by Jean

Federation AGM Forres 29 Nov

Thursday 5th December 2014

Pantomime at Eden Court preceded by lunch

excellent trip, super lunch, great fun at the panto - a lovely day for us all

Spring—Summer 2015

Wednesday 4th February 2015

Craft day—show entries

Time &Venue:- 2pm Helen’s house

Comps: F.O.M., valentines card

Magazine money due—

spent practically the whole meeting discussing the changes to the rural, don't like them, don't want them seemed to be the consensus, should have been consulted

Wednesday 4th March 2015

 Crafts with Jean Scott

Comps:-   F.O.M., knitted square

2pm at Sheila’s house

Super crafts demo'd by Jean, read HQ's reply to our protest, basically not a reply just a photocopied sheet, not good, We are going to ask for answers to our questions again

Federation Quiz March 16th 2015

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Several members away so a small group went to Clochan where the local people are renovating their village hall and running weekly coffee mornings to help with this, then visited various places in Buckie

To Be Arranged

Thursday 7th May 2015

Visit to South Lissens Pottery, and Deskford Garden Galleries including lunch,    

An ice cream at Cullen on the way home! I suppose if it is really hot we could also go for a paddle

A super visit to South Lissens Pottery, we think we may well go back for one of their workshops; this was followed by browsing the antiques, collectables and vintage items at Deskford Garden Galleries and then a tasty lunch at the Willows Tea Room We set off at 10.30 and got back 4 hours later.  Great fun and somewhere new for most of us.  No room for ice cream when we got to Cullen and the sea was grey and uninviting so no paddle either - next time maybe.

30th May Federation Show

[meeting on 4th May to collate our entry]

  Entries on 29th

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Business Meeting

Award of Prizes and Trophy

Time & venue to be arranged

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